Fireworks can be dangerous: Be mindful of local laws – WRTV Indianapolis

Maybe you have noticed that when you’re doing quite familiar and repetitive tasks, like driving your car, or vacuuming, that you mind is frequently miles away thinking about something else? You may be fantasising about going on a holiday, worrying about some forthcoming occasion, or thinking about any number of other things. In either case you aren’t focusing on your present experience, and you aren’t actually in touch with the ‘here and now.’ This manner of working is often referred to as automatic pilot mode.

WRTV IndianapolisFireworks can be dangerous: Be mindful of local lawsWRTV IndianapolisINDIANAPOLIS – Indiana State Police are urging state residents to be careful with fireworks during July Fourth celebrations and reminding people to obey the laws. State police say only people 18…Fireworks can be dangerous: Be mindful of local laws – WRTV Indianapolis

A less formal way of mindfulness may also help you to remain in the present and fully participate in your life. You can select any task or moment to practice cozy mindfulness, whether you are eating, showering, walking, touching a partner, or playing with a kid or grandchild.

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