Stop this educational madness – Spiked

Mindfulness helps schools: There is scientific evidence that teaching mindfulness in the classroom reduces conduct problems and aggression among students, and improves their well-being levels and ability to pay attention. Teachers trained in mindfulness also show lower blood pressure, less negative emotion and symptoms of melancholy, and greater compassion and empathy.

Stop this educational madnessSpikedIn a market free-for-all, some schools run their own ‘mental toughness’ training for 16-year-olds taking GCSEs, while others offer mindfulness, circle-time and happiness training. The University of East Anglia has introduced therapy dogs and plans to ……Stop this educational madness – Spiked

There’s no doubting that mindfulness has a useful role to play in maintaining health and promoting wellness. But despite its hundreds of clinical trials, there is no consistent evidence of an effect particular to mindfulness itself.

These are some much more blogposts on the subject of depression and mindfulness


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