Google's Gopi Kallayil On The Business Value Of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is good for our bodies: A seminal study found that, after only eight weeks of training, practicing mindfulness meditation boosts our immune system’s ability to fight off sickness.

No reasonable person doubts that basic literacy is a fundamental business skill. After all, you won’t get far if you can’t read and write. So too with basic social and communication skills. But mindfulness? Is mindfulness—a practiced nonjudgmental in-the-moment awareness rooted in meditation, Buddhism and yoga—also becoming an important business tool?…Google's Gopi Kallayil On The Business Value Of Mindfulness

There is no doubting that mindfulness has a useful role to play in preserving health and promoting wellness. But despite its hundreds of clinical trials, there is no consistent evidence of an effect particular to mindfulness itself.

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