Book Review: Emotional Life –

Mindfulness is a state of being completely in contact with the present moment. It means being aware, from moment to moment, of your ideas, feelings, physical senses and the environment around us. It involves noticing small things you might not have seen before. The purpose is not so much about relaxing, but more on detecting things in a calm way. Two aware techniques which can be done anywhere are focussed breathing and body scanning.

Book Review: Emotional LifePsychCentral.comIn addition to the cheery stuff, Davy of course discusses the trap of being stuck in negative emotions — anxiety, depression, or stress — and how our thoughts and behaviors can influence these emotional states and …Book Review: Emotional Life –

Mindfulness basically entails the passive observation of internal and external stimuli without mental reaction. It is most explicitly, but not only, laid out in Buddhist meditation texts.

Listed below is some other cool stuff related to mindfulness and depression


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