3 Eastern Practices to Tame ‘Monkey Mind’ – Yahoo News

A major advantage of mindfulness is it supports you to focus on your ideas, your actions and your body. For instance, studies show that mindfulness can help individuals attain and keep a healthy weight.

Yahoo News3 Eastern Practices to Tame ‘Monkey Mind’Yahoo NewsA restless mind has many effects that can include trouble sleeping, poor decision-making, anxiety and even depression when left to run amuck. Learning to foster a calm … Mindfulness training. What is mindfulness? It’s the practice of consciously …and more »…3 Eastern Practices to Tame ‘Monkey Mind’ – Yahoo News

Mindfulness basically calls for the passive observation of internal and external stimuli without mental reaction. It’s most explicitly, but not completely, laid out in Buddhist meditation texts.

See the pages of content listed below for additional info on mindfulness for depression


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