El uso de nosotros mismos – Diario de Cádiz

Have you ever noticed that when you’re doing quite familiar and repetitive tasks, like driving your car, or vacuuming, that you mind is regularly miles away thinking about something different? You may be fantasising about going on a vacation, worrying about some coming event, or thinking about any number of other things. In either event you are not focusing on your current experience, and you are not really in touch with the ‘here and now.’ This manner of working is often known as automatic pilot mode.

El uso de nosotros mismosDiario de CádizAbre tu mente, de Paramananda, es para mí el perfecto "manual de meditación para dummies", para inexpertos, que nos libera incluso del mito de tener que meditar en posición de loto. Por su parte, Eckhart Tolle, en libros como Practicando el poder del ……El uso de nosotros mismos – Diario de Cádiz

The truth is, the great majority of evidence concerning mindfulness relates to clinical trials which do not control for placebo effects. This is something comparatively few researchers seem to need to talk about, either because it’s overly challenging or overly politically incorrect.

A number of blog posts I didn’t have time to review and post up covering mindfulness for dummies


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