Reflection on Mindfulness in Business – Huffington Post

Discovering reflection strategies can be the secret to you getting to sleeping. Think about getting a book, looking at how-to video clips online or perhaps taking a lesson locally to find out ways to do it right. When you recognize the approach which works best for you, you’ll sleep in a breeze.

Huffington PostReflection on Mindfulness in BusinessHuffington PostThe Stern School of Business has joined with Global Spiritual Life at NYU, with support from the Lenz Foundation, to introduce the NYU Mindfulness in Business Initiative. The first event of the year featured Dan Harris, best-selling author and co …and more »…Reflection on Mindfulness in Business – Huffington Post

A beautiful straightforward and very easy way to soothe stress is to practice meditation. Mind-calming exercise allows the body to unwind all muscles and rest the thoughts. While in this loosened up state of body and mind, you have the ability to launch any type of pent up stress and go back to a tranquil nature.

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