Udupi: Huge Goodudeepa' attracts all at Sarva Dharma Deepavali'

Mindfulness helps schools: There is scientific evidence that educating mindfulness in the classroom reduces behavior issues and aggression among pupils, and improves their well-being levels and skill to pay attention. Teachers trained in mindfulness also show lower blood pressure, less negative emotion and symptoms of depression, and greater compassion and empathy.

Udupi, Oct 27: Sauhardha Committee, Catholic Sabha, and Udupi Diocese jointly celebrated ‘Sarva Dharma Deepavali’ at Our Lady of Mother of Sorrows Church, Udupi, on Monday October 27….Udupi: Huge Goodudeepa' attracts all at Sarva Dharma Deepavali'

In reality, the great majority of signs concerning mindfulness relates to clinical trials that don’t control for placebo effects. This is something comparatively few researchers appear to want to talk about, either because it is overly hard or overly politically incorrect.

View the websites listed below for more information on peaceful mind


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