From Annihilation to Acceptance : A Writer’s Surreal Journey

Invest 10 minutes daily on self-reflection. This could consist of diary writing, reading spiritual product, meditation or whatever helps you evaluate your day and review how your activities during the day show that you are and that you are coming to be. Daily reflection helps you stay on your course.

My wife, Ann, is in the passenger seat, reading the manuscript of my new novel, Annihilation. The book is about a dysfunctional secret agency called Southern Reach and its efforts to solve the mysteries behind Area X, a strange pristine wilderness. Maybe the book is just an aimless ramble about four women wandering a f…From Annihilation to Acceptance : A Writer’s Surreal Journey

A great means to help you keep your tension degrees down is to meditate. There are several various means to meditate. Reflection is great because it helps you forget every one of your worries for the moment. You’ll be able believe more plainly merely by practicing meditation a little bit daily.

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