6 Ways To Hack Your Stress – Yahoo Health

Mindfulness helps improve a person’s ability to respond positively even to tough circumstances, instead of reacting negatively. Being mindful has to do with making the effort to concentrate and consider your actions first. This enables you to think more clearly, and to learn ways to respond in more constructive ways.

Yahoo Health6 Ways To Hack Your StressYahoo HealthDon’t let stress control you — take control of your stress. (Photo: Flickr/Amy McTigue). Stress is an epidemic. It’s one of the most widespread and debilitating conditions in the world, yet many people act as if it is completely natural. Stress sucks …and more »…6 Ways To Hack Your Stress – Yahoo Health

One of the reasons why some people fail to practice meditation is that they lack the motivation to continue with their practice. Some people claim that meditation can feel like hard work. It’s important to realise that some meditation training programs can be quite similar to something that you really have to work hard at.

Do you feel the need to unwind? Give yourself a break and practice simple meditation techniques for stress relief. Learn more about other relaxation and stress relief techniques by visiting the sites below.


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