Introduction to Bridge – The Wilton Bulletin

There are plenty of different ways to meditate. If you like to meditate outdoors, you might find it interesting to practice the walking meditation technique. This is one of the most common kinds of active meditation, where you can meditate in an ‘active way’.

The Wilton BulletinIntroduction to BridgeThe Wilton BulletinBridge combines mental exercise of the reasoning faculties, short- and long-term memory centers, planning and collation skills, social interaction techniques, and a host of other mental calisthenics useful in everyday life. You will experience …Introduction to Bridge – The Wilton Bulletin

One of the reasons why some people fail to practice meditation is that they lack the motivation to continue with their practice. Some people claim that it can seem like hard work. It’s important to realise that some meditation courses can be just like something that you really need to work hard at.

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