Community calendar from March 8 – The Saratogian

Lighting a candle and concentrating your mind on the candle flame is one way of helping you feel relaxed. This technique is called the candle flame meditation. This simple meditation technique allows you to rest your mind by simply concentrating on the candle flame and seeing your thoughts go by or burned away in the flame.

Community calendar from March 8The SaratogianPresenter Buddhist nun Kelsang Chenma, has been practicing Buddhism and meditation for more then 16 years and is a senior student at the Kadampa Meditation Center New York. ….. Association (Eddy VNA), a member of St. Peter’s Health Partners announces ……Community calendar from March 8 – The Saratogian

The key to developing your meditation skills is to put in the right effort in making it a part of your day-to-day habit. Most importantly, learning meditation can be quick and simple with a little support from an experienced meditation teacher. Visit our website, learn more about meditation and mindfulness and discover how to start practicing meditation quickly and easily.

Want to feel and look younger? A lot of long term meditators claim that they feel and look much younger than their age. Find out how to practice meditation from the list of related topics below.


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